Atlantic Golf & Country Club

In the small town of Atlantic, Iowa, this country club is a golf gem. It’s history and laid back atmosphere make it a great place to spend time. Their website, however, didn’t inspire the confidence it deserved. We designed a new WordPress website with custom icons that does a much better job.

A key graphic element of the site is the mowed grass pattern, which is used as a parallax background. We designed custom geometric icons, like this golf cart.

The structure of every page is laid out to ensure the user has access to the information they’re looking for. This is an example of the bottom of a page that includes the membership program, quick links to similar pages and the country club address.

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We have new branding!

Osegard Design Co has been in business for 10 years and counting. In this new decade, we want to communicate our style and abilities better. This new website is a start – and is complete with three never-before-seen projects!