Loud Lakes

Minnesota-grown hemp products are the specialty of this company. From infused bath bombs and cosmetics to classic pre-rolled joints, we designed branded packaging to set their products apart on the shelves.

Bright sky and lush green colors make for an uplifting and earthy vibe.

The symbol includes a loon, sun and lake that subtly create the outline of a hemp leaf.

Emphasis is placed on the “loud” using vertically-offset letters. The result is playful and makes the slang term for weed bolder.

Their CBD infused lip gloss offers a unique experience for lips. Delivering relaxing targeted pain relief in addition to popular lip gloss colors. We designed a container label and box that met their suppliers limitations (not pictured), so this is what we designed for a world with no limitations.

We designed a premium label for the pre-rolled joints to stand out on what surely will be crowded shelves. The bottom edge is die-cut with the signature wave pattern and the Minnesota origin is repeated to ensure the local quality displays prominently.

The CBD-infused bath bomb label is meant to be placed on each individual bath bomb. A blank white ribbon is centered below the logotype to leave room for the handwritten scent, allowing Loud Lakes to experiment with scents without compromising on bulk label printing costs.  

We have new branding!

Osegard Design Co has been in business for 10 years and counting. In this new decade, we want to communicate our style and abilities better. This new website is a start – and is complete with three never-before-seen projects!